The professionals at GREEN SCENE Chanhassen Tree Care have been maintaining and caring for hardwoods in Chanhassen and western suburbs since 1979. We provide a Free Assessment within their service area in the western residential areas. We are entirely insured for your security.Minnesota Tree Care

You are likely at our website because you would like a Chanhassen Tree Care expert to look at your Chanhassen hardwoods and the last tree person you had knew more about his chainsaw than he did about timbers. Or a larger provider had a knowledgeable arborist out and then the job was turned over to one of their many crews and your Chanhassen trees suffered from the lack of quality control.

Tree Care at GREEN SCENE, our Chanhassen Tree Care Arborist Garrett Gardner has been caring for trees for over 30 yrs and has been a guest expert for KARE 11 News, The Learning Channel and the Rebecca Kohl Tv program. Your initial consultation is so critical because that is where your trees’ pruning and therapy is suggested. Expertise of tree science is critical to effective care. A Silver Maple is very different from a Red Oak and trimming these two trees should be very unique. Trees are not pieces of lumber with leaves connected. They are complex living organisms and are hosts to many other living organisms, some useful and some damaging. If you care about your Chanhassen trees and you have a knowledgeable arborist that cares about trees you will know it from your first visit. GREEN SCENE Tree Care arborists have a passion for Chanhassen trees that drives their knowledge about them. They are honored to be entrusted with the care of so many trees and landscapes in the Chanhassen over the decades.

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