Landscape Design: Low maintenanance landscapes for Minnetonka

Almost all homeowners desire a beautiful landscape that requires little maintenance. To achieve that end, your landscape design must include trees & shrubs that require minimal pruning or shearing. In addition these plants must be chosen and spaced so that they are not going to outgrow their space. Your smaller perennials should not be the type that spread & multiply through seeds or through the root system. Also the plan must give attention to controlling weeds that will come in. There should be adequate room between plants so that weeds can be controlled without always doing it by hand. The landscape design must account for the amount of sun exposure. It is easier to control weeds in a low sunlight area.

The landscape design team at Green Scene is expert at creating low maintenance landscapes because we actually do the maintenance on many of our landscapes so we are very familiar with the amount of work needed to maintain a landscape in Minnetonka.

To be sure you wont spend your summer as a slave to your landscape, ask your designer:  how are weeds controlled in the new landscape? If the landscape is on a slope, how will the mulch be contained? Will the plants seed or propagate themselves or will I never need to thin them? What is the size of the plants when full grown? Will I need to be pruning or shearing the plants? The Unversity of Minnesota has a helpful site to aid you in selecting plants:

Asking questions beforehand may take a little time now but it may save countless hours of maintenance in the future. Enjoy your Minnetonka landscape and enjoy your summer.

Landscape Design in Minnetonka

Low Maintenance Landscape Design in Minnetonka

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